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Janet Folger Porter

Fighting for US Military Chaplins to Pray In Jesus’ Name

Former Navy Chaplain Gorden Klingenschmitt tells how Janet Folger Porter stood with him and led the national charge to allow U.S. Military Chaplains to pray in Jesus’ name. Janet fought for it every day until Congress reversed their unconstitutional policy. Chaplain Klingenschmitt fully endorses Janet and encourages people to help her fight for our liberties in Congress at

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What People Are Saying

Dr. James Dobson

"Janet Porter is a frontline warrior whom I respect highly. She has done as much to protect the sanctity of human life as anyone I know. I'm also pleased to call her my friend."

Gov. Mike Huckabee

"I consider Janet Porter one of the most important figures in our culture today. You will too."

Rep. Louis Gohmert

Janet developed “the greatest defensive weapon envisioned so far for protecting lives of the unborn...We should literally thank God for Janet and the team she assembled..."