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Janet Folger Porter



No one in this race has done more to save lives than Janet Folger Porter.

There’s only one way to tell the difference between the “real” and the RINO’s—ACTIONS. You see, actions are what you believe, everything else is empty slogans and worthless words. 

Unlike the others, Janet Folger Porter has actions and results – not mere words or empty slogans. 

janet’s actions & results

Architect of the pro-life Heartbeat Bill introduced in 30 states; Janet worked for a decade to pass it in Ohio and 13 other states to legally protect every child whose heartbeat can be detected.
Recruited the sponsor of the Texas Heartbeat Law currently enforced in Texas, legally protecting more than 40,000 children each year—THE MOST SIGNIFICANT PRO-LIFE VICTORY IN FIFTY YEARS.
Spearheaded Introduction of the Federal Heartbeat Bill in Congress, securing 174 co-sponsors, more than any other pro-life bill

Secured passage of:

The Nation’s First ban on Partial Birth Abortion
Ohio’s Parental Consent Law
Woman’s Right to Know Law
Ohio Fetal Homicide Law
Abortion clinic regulations
Removed state funding of abortion

Safeguarded patient rights by working to successfully amend Ohio’s Living Will law to ensure that food and water cannot be removed from a patient without their informed consent.

When suicide “doctor” Jack Kevorkian announced he was coming to Ohio, Janet interviewed him on her radio program and exposed his assault on the disabled in the public and the Ohio legislature, leading the successful effort to keep him out of the state.

Drafted the “Drink of Water” bill in Tallahassee, Florida in an effort to save the life of Terri Schiavo, and served as a spokesperson to defend her life.

Served on the Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities.

Received many pro-life awards including the “Defender of Life Award” from the Justice Foundation and the “National Pro-Life Recognition Award” from Priests for Life in January 2022.

Introduced Heartbeat Bills

States Passed Heartbeat Bills

Federal Co-Sponsors

Babies Saved by Election Day

What Drives Janet Folger Porter

My Mission

Our nation is in peril. We don’t have time for on the job training or to find out if people will actually do what they say.  I’m running for Congress to fight for your liberty as hard as I fought for life.

Liberty & Freedom of Speech

Janet has a proven track record of fighting for your First Amendment Rights.

janet’s actions & results

Janet initiated and will introduce a “Nuremberg Amendment” to remove funding from states that violate the Nuremberg Code with forced vaccinations as a condition for employment, education, travel, medical treatment, or the purchase of goods and services.

Helped draft legislation to protect religious freedom of Ohio business owners.

Exposed the liberal assault on Military chaplain’s right to pray in Jesus’ Name and orchestrated the effort to reverse the policy in Congress.

Author of The Criminalization of Christianity & Produced a documentary film on how to overcome the assault on our faith and freedoms.

Devoted a chapter of her book, A Heartbeat Away, to expose internet censorship and promoted passage of Sen. Josh Hawley’s “Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act.” in the effort to fight it.

Awarded “National Hero of the Faith” by Vision America and “Eagle Award” from MorningStar Ministries in 2021

Voter Integrity

Janet Folger Porter as been fighting for voter integrity for more than twenty years


janet’s actions & results

Exposed the 2020 voter fraud including videos exposing the Dominion voting machine “glitches,” forwarded by General Flynn with more than a million views across multiple platforms.

A national leader who exposed voter fraud in multiple elections on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News and throughout the nation.

Member of the 2000 Presidential Election Recount Team in Florida: also served as a national spokesman.

Gun Rights

No politician who supports gun control should get armed protection paid for by those they are trying to disarm.”

~ Janet Folger Porter

janet’s actions & results

✔ Daughter of an Army Sergeant, Janet is a strong voice for veterans and against the effort to restrict and remove guns from law-abiding citizens,

✔ Janet received her concealed carry permit in 2008. She stands by what she wrote in her latest book, “No politician who supports gun control should get armed protection paid for by those they are trying to disarm.”


School Choice

“School choice will break the government school monopoly.”

~ Janet Folger Porter

janet’s actions & results

✔ In her latest book, Janet’s wrote about “breaking the government school monopoly” —promoting an “Education Emancipation Act,” to allow parents to keep their own money and decide how and where to best educate their children.

✔ Originated and drafted the Child Protection and Parental Rights Bill to give parents civil remedy against schools who violate state obscenity and grooming laws or teach that any race is superior to another, including “Critical Race Theory.”

Balanced Budget

“America First begins with a balanced budget.”

~ Janet Folger Porter.

janet’s actions & results

In 2009 Janet led the campaign against government spending, delivering 10 million “pink slips” to Congress threatening to fire those who voted to increase government spending.

In the wake of run-a-way inflation and trillion-dollar “bailouts,” Janet has called for a return to a balanced budget, beginning with cutting funding to the enemies of America and Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East.


Janet has been a national leader standing with Israel for decades. 

janet’s actions & results

As a founding board member of the National Association of Christian Lawmakers, Janet helped pass a 2021 NACL resolution supporting Israel.

Janet has led many national pro-Israel television and full-page ad campaigns, coordinated with like-minded groups and leaders.

Janet has been an outspoken leader against Anti-Semitism in the nation and will be a strong voice against it in Congress.

Through her radio program, Janet sent 30,000 yellow friendship roses to Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and wounded Israeli soldiers, standing for Israel’s right to build on their own land, contrary to Obama’s attempt to stop them.

Janet met with Israeli and Knesset leaders to discuss the introduction of a Heartbeat Bill in Israel.

Secure Our Borders

Securing our border closes the door on illegal drugs, human trafficking, and violent criminals that flood Ohio and America.”

janet’s actions & results

Janet will introduce a bill to remove federal funding from “Sanctuary Cities” that violate the law.

She will be a voice and a vote to finish the wall and secure our borders.

Janet initiated and hosted the Values Voter Presidential Debate in 2007 overseeing the candidate questions about securing our borders and standing with border agents who do their jobs.

Energy Independence

“We must return to the Trump policy of American Energy Independence.”

~ Janet Folger Porter

janet’s actions & results

✔ Janet has been an outspoken voice to open the Keystone pipeline and regain energy independence through her daily radio commentaries which aired in more than 300 markets for nearly 20 years.

✔ In 2009 Janet led a successful campaign which helped defeat “Cap and Trade” (government control of energy), delivering 10 million “pink slips” to Congress threatening to fire those who voted to restrict and penalize our energy use.

Fighting RINOs

If you want to know who WILL fight RINOs – look to the one who HAS.

*RINO – Republican in name only.


janet’s actions & results

Recruited challengers against Ohio Senate RINOs in three election cycles of those who refused to bring the Ohio Heartbeat Bill to a vote.

Janet even ran against the Senate President when he obstructed the Ohio Heartbeat Bill.

Ran print, radio and television ads, mailings and rallies to expose the RINO obstructionists until they finally passed the Ohio Heartbeat Bill nine years after its introduction.

Fighting for the Family

Janet has defended the family and family values for more than 40 years.

janet’s actions & results

✔   Janet initiated legislation to restrain judicial activists’ assault on marriage and the family.

✔   Someone once said, you are known by your enemies. Janet has debated some of the most notorious anti-family leaders in America, including Jack Kevorkian, Planned Parenthood president, Gloria Feldt, National Organization of Women (NOW) president, Kim Gandy, former NOW president, Patricia Ireland, Elizabeth Birch, former President of The Human Rights Campaign, as well as spokespeople from the ACLU, NARAL, GLSEN, and various atheist organizations.  

✔   Janet has advocated for issues important to your family through her books, speeches, legislation, her syndicated radio program, daily commentaries, columns, and along with countless media appearances including:  CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Fox News Martha MacCallum’s The Story, CNN’s Erin Burnett Outfront, NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s Evening News, 20/20, Nightline, CBS This Morning, FOX News, Fox and Friends, Huckabee, The O’Reilly Factor, Greta Van Susteren, Hardball with Chris Matthews, CNN’s Inside Politics and CNN Headline News, as well as syndicated programs such as Hard Copy and Extra. Janet has been profiled in The New York Times, People magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the Miami Herald, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and named one of the 10 most fascinating faces in Miami Metro Magazine.

What People Are Saying

Dr. James Dobson

“Janet Porter is a frontline warrior whom I respect highly. She has done as much to protect the sanctity of human life as anyone I know. I’m also pleased to call her my friend.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee

“I consider Janet Porter one of the most important figures in our culture today. You will too.”

Rep. Louis Gohmert

Janet developed “the greatest defensive weapon envisioned so far for protecting lives of the unborn…We should literally thank God for Janet and the team she assembled…”